lister-ld3-pump If you follow Grand Prix racing then you will know that one of the races each year is held in Australia at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne Victoria. This being my home town, and the fact that I got a freebie ticket compelled me to attend this years GP. Although it was interesting, I could not get a good position and had to stay on a straight bit (no accidents makes for dull watching).

After the race, I decided to head off to the pits to try and get a look at the cars, no chance there, they are all locked up tight within minutes of the end of the race unless you have a special pit pass.

On the way to the pits, I came across this Lister pump unit, and saw several more of them around the track. For the life of me, I cannot think of why they would want them at the GP - it is not as though it is big enough to empty the lake in an emergency.

Anyway, onto the important bits, it seems to be a Lister LD-3 or ST-3 (they both look the same to me) direct coupled to a huge pump (the hose was about 15cm/6 inch bore and looked like it could handle some serious pressure. The unit was electric start and painted in the colour of "Coates Hire" the company that owned them. I guess it might make a change from green if you wanted to restore one this way.

lister-ld3-pump2 I was quite interested to see these engines ready for actual use instead of pumping water from one barrel to another at a show. Unfortunately I could not get close enough to read or photograph the serial number and makers plates (although "Lister" is prominently stamped into the castings in quite a few places). The engine is basically the same as my Lister LD-2 on my Autotruck except that the exhaust and air filter don't seem original (unless Lister did them this way later).