A long history of manufacturing and practical experience of machinery for the Man on the Land and policy of continuous expansion and improvement of Moffat-Virtue products, has placed this great firm in the forefront of the industry.
When you buy a precision built and tested Moffat-Virtue Product, you buy QUALITY.
Moffat-Virtue Lines include :- Shearing Machinery; Jetters; Lamb Marking Cradles; Pest Arrestors; Milking Machines; Separators and Sterilizers; Home Lighting Plants with Amenities; Irrigation and Pumping Equipment; Roller Spray Plants; Fire Fighters; Saw benches; Petrol, Kerosene, and Diesel Engines; Boom-Spray Equipment.
So read the text of the Moffat-Virtue advertisement at left.

Moffat-Virtue had three main engine types, the first was a re-badged Villiers (and won't be seen here), the second was a range of Petrol/Kerosene engines which like most of the Australian made engines looked almost identical to Coopers! They also had a range of diesel engines.


Moffat Virtue 3V
Moffat Virtue 3V
Moffat Virtue 3V Generator Unit
Moffat Virtue 3V Generator
Moffat Virtue 3V Orachard Sprayer  Unit
Moffat Virtue 3V Orchard Sprayer