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  1. Fill fuel tank.
  2. Turn side shaft so that fuel pump cam is up. (so fuel pump primer can be pumped)
  3. Open fuel injector needle valve 1 turn.
  4. Manually pump fuel pump to prime until you can hear
  5. 3 or 4 time good squirts go in the intake chamber.
  6. Open priming valve.
  7. Turn flywheels in the running direction through compression to TDC, letting the magneto trip.
  8. While slowly turning the flywheels down the power stoke, add fuel in the priming cup. Add LOTS of fuel (several priming cup fulls) as it is hard to start an Abby!
  9. You should now be about half way down the power stroke.
  10. Close the priming valve.
  11. With vigour turn the flywheels the running direction, through the remaining power stroke, the exhaust stroke, the next intake stroke, all while gaining momentum. It should easily go through the next compression stroke and fire.
  12. Continue pulling through until it fires, usually 2 to 4 times through.
  13. Adjust the fuel injector needle valve for proper operation as it warms up. Mine runs a 1/4 turn open.