"G'Day!", I'm This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an Australian engine enthusiast, collector and restorer who lives in Nimbin in northern New South Wales.

I would like to show you three of my engines : a 'Ohlssen and Rice' two stroke, a Alfa Laval and an Australian made open crank Buzzacott gas engine.

I have just acquired this very cute little engine and the person who sold me this engine said it was his grandfathers, who used it to pump water from a creek when he was panning for goldO&R engine and pump : front view.

It is a 1hp two stroke engine fitted with a close coupled centrifugal pump, which appears to be factory original, and carries on the cowling the makers name details as follows:- O and R Engines Inc., 3340 Emery, Los Angeles, California, 90023.

 "O and R" stands for 'Ohlssen and Rice', who made engines for model O&R engine : rear view.aircraft and I believe that it was manufactured in the 1960-1970s.The only numbers I found on it were stamped on the crankcase and are:- 13A235 (a type no. I suspect) and 1072316 (possibly a serial no.). As you can see, the cowling is red and the pump is yellow.

This 'mighty midget' only measures 6" x 9" including the pump and is only 8" high to the top of the spark plug!

O&R engine : side view.It is mounted on a small aluminum base plate with rubber feet on each corner and I can easily grab it and pick it up with one hand!

To give you some idea of the size of the engine, you can see a Honda G300 piston sitting along side it on my bench. Even more amazing is th4e carburetor which is sitting on a Victa lawn mower wheel for comparison!
O&R engine : carby.




This is my Alfa Laval engine.Alfa Laval

And this is my Australian made 'Buzzacott 2A' (Sydney, NSW).


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