Junk Engine does a comeback & here it is doing some meaningful work. The machine is used to sort gravel in the pursuit of precious & semiprecious gem material. The engine draws water from a creek through a heatexchanger ( for its own cooling ) then to a divided vat where the water is then sloshed up & down through vibrating screen trays. Using half Golf Buggy tyres as a diaphragm pump and for the sloshing through a series of belts, pulleys and cranks. The pay (???) dirt is shovelled into the rotary screen to get rid of the rocks, it then falls onto the screens where the mud & sand get separated, what is left further separates because of the sloshing & vibrating into heavy materials like ironstone, hematite, magnetite, and hopefully some gem material, and lighter materials like quartz, sandstone, and broken beer bottles which rise to the top and overflow each screen until they exit the machine leaving the heavy material trapped in the trays which get checked periodically to see how things are going. The engine ran faultlessly for several hours non stop on its first real outing recently. For those who missed an earlier article a couple of years ago the engine is a single cylinder Toyota 333 cc cut down from the remains of 3 Toyota 2lt 6 engines plus many other parts curtsey of my back shed junk pile. Ted LeeĀ 

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