The manuals attached to this article are reproductions of manuals supplied with various internal combustion engines. I'm only reproducing the few that I have access to and have a significant degree of certainty as to my rights to do so.

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As for what it is good for, there is hardly a simple human endeavor that can not benefit from the power of a Gas Engine. Along with the Steam Engine, the Gas Engine hoisted, pumped, pushed and powered man into the Industrial Age. One Cylinder Engines powered the first automobiles, the first airplanes, the first street lights, the first non steam farm tractors and liberated millions from back breaking manual labor.From fractional horse power beginnings in the 1880's, to the diesel behemoths of the 30's and the ceramic blocked multi-valve cam techno wonders of today, the Gas Engine remains one of mans most useful tools and significant developments.

Author Unknown…

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Ottawa 4hp - Bad stuff found while working
I got the Ottawa out again today and determined to resolve the problem of the blocked water jacket. I cleaned out the water jacket of the Ottawa with a combination of pressure washer and shop vac. I got most of the garbage out but still could not get the blockage undone. I fitted a soft plastic tube to the end of the shop vac hose which by coincidence fitted snugly over the drain on the hopper. I tried sucking the blockage out - no go. I tried blowing it out - no go. Next I filled the vac hose with water and blew that through the drain hole - that did it, water, crap, mud, bugs, rusty chunks everywhere - it all erupted out of the hopper all over me. Next I could not resist running the engine. I ran it long enough to make it steam (about an hour). Mid way through my ex-father-in-law turned up and asked "what are you doing that for" - he did not like my answer "for the fun of it". Actually not quite true... he thinks I'm pretty funny.

Once again, I noted the awful knocking noise that I hate... and this time resolved to do something about it. I know what causes it, the wrist pin journal is oversized compared to the wrist pin by about 2mm! Simple enough to fix...

I need to press the old bronze journal out of the conrod, get someone to machine a new one which fits the existing wrist pin and press it into place. It also needs an oil hole and a lubrication groove cut into the inside of the journal. I had to replace my old conrod because it's big end was very bad. The little end of the "new" one is oversize by at least 2mm compared to the wrist pin. I kept it this way to get the engine running, but now I really need to do something about it or I'm going to destroy it. Once again thanks to Ron Haskell for coming to my aid last year in the USA to get my engine running for the Tulare (California Antique Engine Show) show when he provided the replacement conrod. Ron is a member of Western Antique Power Associations - WAPA. WAPA is my favourite Southern California club - great events and VERY active. They have shows just about every week!…

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Ottawa - She runs again

The latest news in the Ottawa In Oz Saga is that she is now running again. I have to say JB Weld is King! I got some quotes to weld up the busted part of the head and it was just too much for me right now. Seems no list members in Melbourne were willing to have a go either... Such Is Life.

To cut a long story short, I cleaned up the edges of the break on both pieces with an angle grinder with a heavy duty wire brush and then later my dremel with a grinding bit. I cut a V groove just like you would if you were going to weld it. While I was there I used the dremel to clean up the combustion chamber in the head. The head looked almost flat to me, to my surprise the dremel opened out about 4mm of space from just carbon and rust! I then expoxied the pieces back together with JB Weld applied generously making sure all the bits were lined up perfectly. While I was at it I fixed the broken rocker arm bracket and the little chunk missing out of one of the rocker arms. That was last weekend. I waited until today, then put it all back together. Used a new gasket made of nice asbestos fibres with metal sandwhich. Liberally applied Permatex Form-A-Gasket to both sides and both faces. Waited the prescribed time, then bolted everything up. I waited a while for the Permatex to set then poured some water into the hopper, so far so good, no leaks.…

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Ottawa 4HP Engine

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