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The Frick No. 00 Belt Feed SawmillTo meet the demand for a low-priced, practical mill, suitable for light power, the No. 00 was designed and placed on the market. It met with instant approval for speed, good clean work and low operating cost. It is light in weight, durable, quick acting and accurate cutting. Easily and quickly set up and taken down, it eliminates much labor and expense in making frequent sets. Furnished regularly with 10-foot carriage and 35-foot ways, 15-foot carriage and 45-foot ways, or 20-foot carriage and 55-foot ways, as required. Features include Frick patented belt feedworks with 1-inch belts; cable drive with horizontal sheave wheels; self -aligning Timken roller mandrel bearings; Timken roller bearings on carriage axles, two steel head blocks having ells with detachable steel cut rack bars with provisions for adjustment; two upper dogs; improved combined setworks; mud sills; one cant hook, and necessary tools.

The above illustration is so small that it hardly does justice to the sturdy construction, quality materials and good workmanship which make up this efficient sawmill. The mill is built for fast, accurate work and a lot of it.

Extra attachments, such as binding pulley and frame lumber trucks, taper attachments, foot power receder, saw-dust drag, gauge wheel, lumber gauge board or horizontal lumber scale, Knight dogs, extension mandrels, etc., can be furnished at extra cost.

SpecificationsWill swing 58-inch saw.Husk-Length 6 feet 9 inches; width 2 feet 11 inches.Mandrel-2 3/16-inch. dia., 52 inches long, with 6-inch collar, standard head.Mandrel Bearings-Timken Roller, self-aligning.Mandrel Pulley-22-inch dia., 8-inch face; other sizes to suit power.Feed-1/2-inch to 4-inch; gigback 1/2-inch to 8-inch; 3-inch belts.Carriage-Width 30 inches; timbers 3 1/2 inches x 4 5/8 inches: in standard 10-foot an(.] 15-foot sections.Carriage Axles and Wheels---Axles 1 5/8-inch dia., equipped with wheels 7-inch dia. and two Timken tapered roller bearings in each wheel 3 sets axles and wheels under 10-foot carriage; 4 sets under 15-foot carriage.Carriage Axle Bearings-Timken tapered roller.Set Shaft-1 11/16-inch dia., full length.Setworks-Combined improved type, with hand receder and machine-cut teeth, and pawls carefully ground for accurate setting in as small as 32nds of an inch,Headblocks-Steel, opening 32 inches. Fitted with tipper dog and ells with detachable rack bars and steel cut pinions.Ways-Timbers 3 inches x 4 1/2 inches. Standard lengths in 5-foot, 10-foot and 15-foot sections.Cable Drive-3/8-inch wire cable; sheave wheels set horizontally.Approx. Weight-15-foot mill, 3000 lb.; 20-foot mill 3500 lb.

General Arrangement Drawing


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