Today I've started experimenting with X-Rite's Colour Checker Passport. Watched the tutorial and went outside for some test shots. I'm already sold on this beast. I took a shot of the checker after setting white balance based on their card then this flower. I created the "Summer Cloudy" profile in LR3 using their plugin then used that profile to adjust the colours of this photo. The difference is quite amazing. I hope it comes out properly in the world of crappy web colours. Left is from camera, right is corrected.

Just for the hell of it, I went outside and got the flower itself - the corrected version is definately much closer to the original. I'd often lamented seeing really nice reds and purples in various composures in the field only to find they weren't there in the final production image without hand tweaking. The default profiles really do suck!

Using this product is going to change my photography.

Excuse the hideous digital noise in this shot - I still had the camera on ISO 1600 because of some photos I was taking from a plane at night...