This section is all about photography. There are thousands of photos on this site and I take thousands more each year. Most are never published. I've started this section to cover some of the things I do with photography that are unrelated to this site and to help others and myself learn more about it.

Welcome to the new photography section

I have been taking photographs of and on since I was about fifteen. My results have varied over time as I learnt more about the craft.  I did a six month course in high school that covered the basics of manual black and white film photography. …

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Wet sensor cleaning for the Canon 40D - Success!

After a trip out to Cape Liptrap (2.5 hours from my home) where I took a number of images that I thought I would be quite happy with; I discovered in PS that there were spots spread around my images some huge, some small. I did a test shot of the sky and discovered my sensor was filthy.…

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All images produced by me are © Copyright Paul Pavlinovich, All Rights Reserved.…

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Ingesting the thousands of images I make each year (it only increases!) requires some discipline in backups, image conversion and meta tagging before it gets into my catalogue of choice (Lightroom). For the last couple of years I've used Image Ingestor Pro by ?. Ingestamatic is immensely powerful and nearly everything it does in configurable. It can take quite a time investment to make it work for you. Once configured I found it rock solid. The only thing I would have liked to do was meta tag (keywords, title, locations, shoot, etc) a little more easily within the ingestor. Yes you can do it in Lightroom but I get lazy post ingestion. Once its in the catalogue I relax. This means sometimes I would never get there and properly meta tag everything.

A couple of months ago Marc invited me (and others) to beta a new simpler product Ingestamatic.  The key differences is that Ingestamatic comes with a useful configuration out of the box. It is also around half the price of Image Ingestor. There is one other major benefit full meta data tagging before you ingest images. This means that unlike Image Ingestor where all the images on the card get the same metadata (there are ways to have different but its fiddly) you are free to tag them in sets and individually and in any combination.

Even if you only create a few images each week or if like me thousands, I *strongly* recommend you have a look to get your images under control.

Ingestamatic has reduced my intake time from around 4 hours per thousand images to around 1 hour per thousand images with only 20% of that time interactive work - the remainder is the DNG conversion.

You can find out more about Marc's great products for Mac and Windows at

I don't get anything from Marc, I'm just a very satisfied customer and because of that I'm very happy to tell you about his products. His products are very affordable. His support almost immediate and top notch. Do you think a big organisation would issue a patch to resolve a problem unique to you - Marc has with me!…

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