This section is all about photography. There are thousands of photos on this site and I take thousands more each year. Most are never published. I've started this section to cover some of the things I do with photography that are unrelated to this site and to help others and myself learn more about it.

Digital Asset Management - My Workflow

Digital Asset Management – My Workflow

Version 1.  Paul Pavlinovich

All photographers store images. The challenges of organising and keeping track of these stored images can keep you awake at night.…

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HDR in Railway Photography

Often when documenting the comings and goings of a railway such as The Puffing Billy Railway you are in situations where you have little or no control over your surroundings and the best you can do with the poor light is to take an advantageous position in relation to the light sources. In these situations highlights could be too bright, shadows too dark and colours muted. Single image High Dynamic Range (HDR) post processing could be the answer you're looking for. HDR can bring out something special out of a poorly lit situation. I'll cover a few examples in this article to help show you what I mean.…

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If you are a photographer and are considering using Google+ or looking for ways to use it better, then these two videos from Kelby training are pretty handy. Remember that G+ is evolving at a staggering rate (it is only about 15 weeks old as I write this) so these videos will become less relevent over time as the interface and usage change.…

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Modification of the Canon 35-80 lens for macro

I'd read about a macro conversion for the Canon 35-80 lens. I had the USM version and it had been dropped many times so it wasn't the healthiest thing in the world. Neither I nor my son use it so I decided to give the mod a go.

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Photographing Steam Engines and Railways

Photographing Steam Engines & Steam Trains

Today I was asked by another photographer how to photograph steam engines. I started writing up a reply and part way through felt the topic is worth an article as others will want to know. Over the last 30 years since I was a teenager I’ve been photographing steam engines, railways, farm steam and stationary steam. I find steam fascinating. Steam equipment feels alive and if you’re not respectful it is murderous.…

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