The PBR Museum has finished the recreation of a V.R. Gang Shed started several years ago when the track bed was built and the slab poured. Since that time the shed sat partially completed until it was taken on and finished. The shed is built from a selection of components from the Kilmore Gang Shed rebuilt with many other bits and pieces with some new work. Seen here in its normally closed and locked position, the shed protects the historic trolley and tool collection within,
As a prime example of the "new" museum at Menzies Creek, the shed it spotlessly tidy inside with no storage of junk. The trolleys, while not all operational are exceptionally presented. Now that they're properly under cover they stay clean and protected.
Down the centre (not visilbe in this view) are two more trolleys, the flat top and Corporal.
The red trolley in the front is NKS 5 with NKS 8 behind. In the foreground are the flat top and Corporal.
Looking into the other corner we see ME-1 and the flat top. These trolleys were used to rebuild much of Puffing Billy. ME-1 was made by Mal Elliot.
The prototypical tool rack holding track laying and maintenance tools is part of the original Kilmore shed.
On the shelving along the back wall there are kerosene pots, the Casey trolley motor carrier used to ship trolley motors to and from the V.R. workshops (by train of course) for maintenance,
The quality of the rebuilt with second hand materials that were poorly stored in the weather and an extremely limited budget are a huge credit to the new attitude within the museum and bode very well for the future.