At some time in the latter part of the week ending 18 December the was a burglary at the ARHS Vic Div Inc Railway Museum in North Williamstown

Entry was forced into the signal box and the following items were stolen

  • Two Block Instruments
  • Two Lamps
  • Two Staff Exchange Boxes
  • One Staff Instrument Bell
  • arhs_stolen_items
From the manner in which these objects were selected and removed, it is evident that the thieves were aware of the significance and value of the objects. As they are both bulky and heavy, it is unlikely that they can be transmitted to buyers by post

The Police were notified on Saturday 18th

The Council of ARHS Vic Div Inc is determined to take all steps possible to recover the missing items and to assist the police in dealing with those responsible.

To make this possible, we are seeking your assistance to discover any information related to the theft and/or the stolen objects.

It is probable that the objects may be offered for sale we would encourage you to:

Circulate this message to all members of your organisation/business and associates, as soon as possible.

Circulate this message on any electronic net works you belong to.

Be alert to any one offering the objects for sale

Be alert for any one who has suddenly added such items to their collection

Maintain a watch on EBay and any other means of electronic sale.

Whilst we do not want your to expose yourselves to any risk, or to alert the thieves that we are on the lookout, we would certainly encourage you to discretely try to discover the identity of the people responsible and pass it advise us.

A telephone number, email address may be all we need for the police to identify the culprits.

Please advise us and/or the police if you have any suspicions or specific information.

Over the next few days this message will be sent to VicTrack, ARHS Divisions in other states, Signal Record Society, ARE, All Stall holders at the Great Railway Swap Meet, ATR, ATHRA, Railway Museums, Tourist Railways, Model and Miniature Railway groups, Auction Houses dealing in Railway ephemera, Mainline steam operators, Australia Customs.

Contact Us Direct

Phone: Ian Jenkin 03 98224940, or mobile 0420 554 288.

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Ian Jenkin, Vice President ARHS Vic Div Inc On behalf of ARHS Vic Div Council