The crew of the Puffing  Billy Museum (Lineside Attactions Branch) have done a fantastic job of restoring this Malcolm Moore Rail Tractor.
Originally built for the armed services with a Ford side valve v8 motor, this one is powered by a Southern Cross diesel. The undercarriage has been completely rebuilt with new bearings and  "new" wheelsets. Topping it off is a newly manufactured sheet metal roof completing its restoration. Seen here on one of the Wednesday work evenings on 26th May 2010.
Anyone who wants to join this bunch of enthusiastic hard workers would be welcome. Just contact the railway.
Daytime view of the MM rail tractor.
Left side showing the fully restored Southern Cross four cylinder diesel engine. This side shows the headers and exhaust.
Right side of the Southern Cross engine showing the diesel fuel injection pump and injectors. A fully manual injection pump - none of the modern electrics timed by computer.
This view shows the drivers cab controls.
In addition to the four speed gearbox in the drive train behind the engine, this reversing gearbox means the MM can apply equal power in all four gears in forward and reverse.
Front end of the MM showing the hole for the hand winder that was used with the flat head Ford motor originally mounted in the rail tractor.