As part of the centenary celebrations of the Walhalla Goldfields Railway (WGR) 7A (sometimes running as 9A) returned to Walhalla for the first time since the middle of last century.

A full article is in progress for this visit covering everything from planning, loading, testing on site, and the public running of the locomotive and her train. This is just a quickie preview with a few pictures.


Crossing Thomson River Bridge


At Happy Creek


Night Time Servicing


Climbing Up hill through the canyon steam exhaust thundering off the rock walls on either side of Stringers Creek. The sights and sounds of an NA on the WGR simply are never heard on 7A's usual home on the Belgrave - Gembrook corridor.

I was privileged to be allowed to access many non public points of WGR on behalf of Puffing Billy to gather images and information to prepare an article for Narrow Gauge magazine. I am grateful for the hospitality of the people of Walhalla and WGR itself - it was an amazing experience. In the near future I will be returning to Walhalla to complete the interviews necessary for the article.