PBR trolley NW1 has received a new(ish) Holden red motor. I arrived to do track patrol to Gembrook and back on Saturday 28th August to find a note on the driver's seat from David Baker advising the trolley had been remotored and to be nice because it is being run in. Apart from a brief test trip taken the night before this would be the first trip to Gembrook with the new motor. I have to say it was one of the smoothest, quietest runs I've ever done. Combined with the pump and bearing work done a while back you can actually hear the surrounding noises of the bush. Amazing.

It was a little tough to get started on the cold wet morning, but once it was going it was fantastic. The starting will get easier over time as the new motor runs in and is adjusted.


Seen here waiting for the signal to return to Belgrave on the Up after a track patrol to Gembrook and back, NVW1 idles away quietly to itself.


The newly reconditioned Holden red motor. I don't know if this is the previous motor rebuilt or a new reco engine, but either way it runs well and is more than adequate to the day to day tasks undertaken with this trolley. Well done Rolling Stock Branch!