Today G42 returned to revenue service after an 18 month hiatus with the exception of a brief excursion from the land of mothballs to run a train commemerating 100 years of Garratt locomotives. G42 has been fully stripped and overhauled in the PBR workshops at Belgrave. Looking respendant in her standard all black livery and sounding fantastic as it pounded up the hill into Emerald this morning. The locomotive has returned to service just in time for the railway to celebrate its 110th birthday today. G42 was driven by John Hoy and fired by Barry Rogers. The locomotive was at the head of 10 car train full of youngsters looking forward to their meeting with Santa.

All the weird noises you can hear in this video are transferred from the trains vibration through the point lever that the camera was mounted on.


According to John the machine was performing excellently with the exception of one pin in the reversing mechanism which was binding and becomming hot during the journey. The mechanism was hard to move and could be easily felt while turning the reversing wheel. Before the train left Emerald I installed my POV digital video camera onto the stay for the driver's side steps and filmed the motion from Emerald to Lakeside and return. I'll provide the video to workshops.

Update 19/12/2010 - I spoke with John Hoy at the completion of the second revenue trip today and the hot pin has rectified itself. The Garratt is now running very well.


At Emerald during an unusual manouver where the the Santa Special train was in the platform and was passed by the shuttle service train via two road I managed to capture this image of the Garrat alongside the NA. NA's are not all that small but they certainly look it compared to their big brother!


G42 returning to Belgrave on the afternoon of 19/12/2010 on an unusually dull and dark afternoon.