Update - Railway repoened today 6/2/2011 with services to Lakeside. A track gang (myself, John Shaw, Norm Maugher, John Conway) completed a patrol to Gembrook after what seemed like endless drain clearing, removal of debris, chainsawing, clearing of road crossings and other general works. Thanks to the museum and workshops boys who got as far as Cockatoo the day before making our task a little easier. Trains are likely to operate to Gembrook again but ring the railway to be sure. It was an excellent day with much hard work. We'll probably have to do it all again next weekend if the BOM is right about what is coming.


The Puffing Billy Railways did not run today(5/2/2011) due to a landslide at Belgrave, problems with the trestle bridge over Mobulk Creek (mostly flood detrius underneath it and wedged against it) and a foot of gravel over the road under the bridge reducing its height clearance and threatened collapse of a private farm dam at the location known as "landslide".

All of the Dandenong Ranges is heavily affected by the rain storm that came through over night and this morning. Where I live in Emerald is affected, I had to divert a river that was trying to flow through my house around it and clean out all the surrounding street drains to get the water flowing. A neighbour's house filled up their bottom storey. Who thought the Dandenong Ranges could flood.

Update: The railway is did resume nearly normal running Sunday 5/2/2010 to Lakeside.

The line has been inspected as far as the occupation crossing just prior to Cockatoo. There are quite a few problems to deal with and the Way n Works along with many other volunteers from Museum and Workshops. At Belgrave displaced locomotive crews and guards got got stuck into it today. The cleanup will completed tomorrow. Trains will only run to Lakeside.


Creek flowing over the road because the culvert is blocked up. Fortunately the hard work of the recent tree planting has mostly survived.


One of the land slides at the down end of Belgrave East Loop. These are going to be cleaned up Sunday morning with machines and volunteers. The slips undermined some large trees and loppers were in there clearing the dangerous ones to allow for safe cleanup Sunday.


Note the ancient ladder in the mess - a forgot artefact of S&T from many years ago perhaps?


A washaway on the Occupation crossing at the up end of Cockatoo. This is as far as today's clearing efforts got. More tomorrow.


Cockatoo Creek in full flood. This is normally a steady but minor flow between two piles. This is a fast flowing torrent. Hopefully the bridge piles and the concrete footings are not undermined. No way to know unti lthe water goes away.

I've put up some more photos on Facebook if you're interested - visit the album.