I received a nice email from Paul Wilson regarding his Marshall portable in January 2003... I've reproduced it here with Paul's permission.

From: Paul Wilson I know you have all spent countless hours awake wondering what has happened to "Ethel " ....Marshall portable 46407..since I acquired her on 9/01.

She was fired this time last year at 100lb. and has since been undressed, lagged and tarted up somewhat ready for firing again on Australia Day and hopefully driving a rock crusher which I pick up this afternoon. Those of you overseas may not know of Total Fire Ban days, but it looks very likely that we may have one on the 26th, January...if so we will just have to toast her ...and attach the Marshall transfer which I have waiting. May I thank you all for your help for the information you have provided to make her restoration possible. It was my first foray into steam and as you all know once you have the bug I can assure you it will not be the last ....God willing.


Thanks once again,

Kindest regards,Paul Wilson

Ethel as found.


Ethel with her new underwear!


Ethel complete!.




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