Finally, after several years of having the Stirling Engine Plans on Steam & Engine someone has answered my plea for some photos of a finished model and a bit of detail about how they did it.
Dietmar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Germany has built a magnificent example of the model. Early on in the project Dietmar contacted me about some of the detail which was awry in the article and I helped him where I could. Then came 18th December 1999, when the following message and photos arrived from Dietmar...

Hi Paul, I'm sorry that you've to wait so long but I had some difficulties with the photos.I made the power piston from a carbon rod which I took from an old electric engine. This LTD engine works with a temperature difference of 20 degrees. I hope to make some improvements so that it'll work with a lower temperature difference too. If you or a other model engineer is able to give me some advice, this it would be very nice. You wrote that you want a construction diary with photos. I attached to this mail some photos showing my engine. If you want a description of the building of the engine too please don't hesitate to express your wishes.

Naturally, I've mailed Dietmar back asking for the full story to include here, but in the mean time here are the photos which show the high standard of Dietmar's work.