The site has been migrated from J2 to J3 tonight. For the most part things seem to be working. There are some template issues, especially on mobile but they were there before too.

I'll try get some time to either replace or modernise the template.



I found recently that Argyle Locomotive Works has changed hands but is still situated in the Dandenongs. Argyle is now owned by Michael Ragg. Argyle is well known for producing good live steam kits.

Maxitrak have had the entire range of 1" Models stolen from there showroom, items include:

1" Burrell Agricultural 
1" Burrell Showmans
1" Fowler Ploughing engine
1" Super Sentinel
1" Atkinson Standard
1" Case tractor (protopype)
5" Alice Hunslet

See for more information.

Any information please contact us on 01580 893030, or Kent police on 01622
690690 crime number LY7675-11

It has come to my attention that some people who have their email published anywhere on this site have received messages telling them their account is suspended and they need to run the attached program to get it reactivated. To put it simply these messages are bullshit. Don't do what they say - any messages about this site will only ever be published on this site.


Well here we are then. I've finally bitten the bullet and bought some hosting to house Steam & Engine of Australia. I will be moving the old site into this new system - there will be some major changes. The new server runs Joomla instead of the hand coded html of the old site. Please be patient as the site is configured and the material moved over.

It has taken me most of the weekend just to get this far, so please be patient! Your favourite content will be migrated over shortly.

On my immediate todo list are
1. Choose or build a template to get rid of this awful default appearance
2. Build the taxonomy of sections and categories

3. Migrate the old material
4. Find a way to support the previously available club, museum, etc. listings
5. Consider new things that this new platform offers such as a live discussion forum

If you want to get hold of me please drop me an email at the usual address.