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Kid's Pages
Ok, here is a new section. I've noticed that more and more tallented kids are starting to build sites these days, and while they often don't hold a lot of information for the veteran they are often a fun and interesting place to visit - especially since the kids sometimes have a new aspect on something that we dont - food for thought. Any kid that would like a link, send me a mail.

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Manufacturer Logos

This is a small collection of logos to help you reproduce them in your restorations. If you have a logo from a defunct manufacturer please contact me to make arrangements to send them to me for inclusion on this page.…

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The images and text in this set of pages is from the 1908 Lunkenheimer catalog. I've reproduced them here to make identifying oilers and other attachments for our engines (both steam and internal combustion). Eventually I'll include some other items from this catalog, but this set is enough for now!

Oil Pumps

Feed Valves

Grease Cups

Oil Cups

Note: This catalogue is purely historic - I do not sell anything - please don't join the long line of people who ask me to supply items you see here!

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Operating a Petrol (Gasoline) Torch
A Petrol (gasoline) Torch is used anywhere a large amount of heat is required in a short time. Today we get out the butane or propane blow torch and go for it, but in times gone by the petrol torch was they way to go.

Fill Close all valves and fill the cold torch about 70% full of petrol through the filler plug on the tank. Make sure the filler plug is tight and does not leak.
Pressurise Pump up the pressure in the tank by opening the air intake valve, then pumping with the hand pump. Close the air intake valve.
Pre-Heating Many torches require pre-heating before they will work properly. Do this by slightly opening the petrol valve and allowing some fuel to dribble into the pre-heater tray. Close the petrol valve tight. Light the fuel in the pre-heater tray. Once it has burned the torch should be hot enough.
Operation Open the petrol valve until a mist emits from the nozzle. Light the mist with a match and adjust for desired flame size. If the flame is yellow and your torch is the kind with a pre-heater, shut off the flame and repeat the pre-heating step. The flame should be hot blue.

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