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Product reviewed: Magazine: Vintage Commercials Down Under
Reviewer: Paul Pavlinovich
Date Reviewed: 30 Jan 2001
Folloup Review: 04 Oct 2002
Overall Rating (0 = Terrible, 5 = Satisfactory, 10 = Magnificent): 9

Product made available for review by: Steven Parinder This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product is available from: Vintage Commercials Down Under Publishing
Price $A29 including postage for four issues to anywhere in Australia. 

General Comments


UPDATE Oct 2002

The magazine has survived its first year and is moving from strength to strength. Now up to issue number 6. This latest issue is 30 pages! The photo quality has improved considerably from the early efforts and I'd have to say the production standard is now on par with any other dedicated magazine of its genre. Issue 6 included: Letters, News, Events, Show Reports, Artciles, Photo Essays such as Paddock Wrecks, Book reviews; and classifieds.

I just cannot recommend it enough - subscribe and support this Australian production. Steven is to be congratulated on his mammoth efforts in producing such a high quality publication from scratch. Remember he (like me!) needs authors to contribute, so write about your favourite and send in a few pics to Steven.


Original Review

vcdu-1-1 This magazine is two issues young now, and is looking good. Steven has hit upon a niche in the Australian magazine market for enthusiasts of the vintage scene. This magazine is comparable in content to the UK mag Old Glory by CMS publishing (don't expect all the polish of Old Glory, but do expect the quality).

I was so impressed with the first issue that I subscribed on the strength of that issue alone - I usually by three or four other issues before subscribing to anything. Steven should be proud of the achievement he has accomplished.

To date Steven has been faithful to the definition of the magazine, and he seems to have a strong list of authors contributing regularly. The contributors appear to know their stuff. This magazine is an interesting read with well written content valuable to restorers, historians and others.

It is about time there was a local magazine suited to local enthusiasts written by local enthusiasts. There has been local representation for tractors and stationary engines, and to some extent steam but until now there has been nothing for general commercial vehicles.

I first encountered Steven when he first contacted me nearly a year before the first issue came out with his idea and a request to republish an article from this site. Of course I jumped at the chance of being published in print! I had almost completely forgotten about it when the first issue arrived at my door step. I am proud to have one of my articles published in the innaugural issue.

Specific Comments

vcdu-1-2 The magazine is A4 sized glossy with both colour and black/white sections. Each issue is 24 pages including covers. The photographic quality is great.

The first issue discussed the definition of a commercial vehicle, restoration news, a Lister Autotruck article, the good old days, truck restoration, casting and re-manufacture of parts, paddock wrecks, highlight of the military jeep club of Queensland, buses, roadside memories and a brief look at some internet sites.

The second issue had restoration news, an auction report, a tractor discussion, the good old days, Ford F series article, working classics, show reports, buses, paddock wrecks, classifieds, and more.

Vehicle types covered between the two issues were trucks, tractors, trams, boats, traction engines, steam rollers, cars, road work vehicles, race cars, buses, fire engines, steam cranes, military, air craft and heavy ground work. As you can see, something for just about everyone!

If you would like to get a copy or subscribe, please write to Steven Parrinder either by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or snail-mail
PO Box 425 Waterford
Queensland 4133