Chuck Balyeat of South Texas sent me some gasket material for review. The material is black in colour, about 1.5mm thick and appears to be a cardboard and asbestos material with metal (probably steel) mesh sandwiched in layers. The same sort of material is available in Australia under the name "Klingerite" which I have used extensively as head gaskets with my engines.

While the sample that Chuck sent me was not big enough for a head gasket, this stuff would be ideal for that job. To test the material, I made an exhaust gasket for my Southern Cross P Type 4hp engine. The engine ran for six hours prior to my leaving home for a show, then for a full day at the Upper Yarra Valley Draught Horse Festival. When I got home I took off the exhaust manifold and the gasket shows no signs of heat damage.

Whilst I would not recommend sending this material through the international post (as we did) as it might be illegal, it certainly arrived here OK without any questions.

I did not experience any problems cutting and shaping the material, it does not seem to release any fibres when it is cut, and the cut edges which were exposed to hot exhaust gas did not seem to have frayed at all after some 20 hours of running.

All in all a good product and well worth what Chuck is charging (so where is my 10sq yards of the stuff Chuck :-)
The material is available from: Chuck Balyeat of Lake Corpus Christi South Texas
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